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Codigo De Validacion Para Rhinoceros.epub teilav


Codigo De Validacion Para Rhinoceros.epub

synthesis of (2-aminoethyl)thiophosphine oxides and phosphine oxides: new route to phosphines. (2-Aminoethyl)thiophosphine oxides and phosphine oxides were synthesized from the corresponding thiophosphine oxides and (2-aminoethyl)thiols. The methodology involves the reaction of thiophosphine oxides with (2-aminoethyl)thiols under very mild conditions to afford (2-aminoethyl)thiophosphine oxides and their subsequent reaction with elemental sulfur to yield phosphine oxides.Polymers containing chromophore groups can have a wide range of properties. Polymers which have a photonic band gap, the range of wavelengths for which the refractive index of a material is equal to the inverse of the propagation vector of light through that material, can be used as mirrors, filters, optical waveguides, etc. A wide variety of chromophore-containing polymers have been synthesized and characterized. In general, these polymers are polymers which have a linear structure, such as polystyrene, or which have a glassy, rigid structure, such as polyparaphenylene (Paraphenylene-benzothiadiazole). Both of these types of polymers have an optically isotropic refractive index and are therefore unsuitable for many applications. It is known that certain polymers having a structure similar to a liquid crystal can have an optically anisotropic refractive index. Such polymers are referred to as liquid crystal polymers. Such polymers, for example polysiloxane-containing polymers, are known in the art. There has been some work in the area of liquid crystal polymers which contain chromophore groups, particularly in the area of nematic liquid crystal polymers which contain polystyrene backbone chains. In general, these liquid crystal polymers contain a dichroic moiety which is bonded to a styrene monomer unit. For example, poly(benzyloxyphenylacetylene) is described in U.S. Pat. No. 3,741,756. Permanently dipolar liquid crystals polymers are known, for example from

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Codigo De Validacion Para Rhinoceros.epub teilav

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